Phototours & Workshops

Discover locations through the city of Prague with local photographer providing you with the best photo opportunities to preserve your fondest memories. 


What it is about

The tours are primarily structured as workshops in smaller groups for everyone who enjoys photography, wants to discover the city of Prague and return home with unforgettable pictures as travel memories.

The aim of each tour is to take you to the right places at the right time and assist you in taking the best possible pictures.

Are you starting with DSLR or a mirrorless camera and need guidance with the entire set up? Don´t be afraid to be a part of our tour.

Are you a skilled and experienced photographer who can benefit from finding the best photo spot? Come and join us as well.

My key priority is an individual approach to increase your photo techniques and skills, and primarily to enjoy the entire experience and have a great time.

By being a part of the small group, there is a special place for everyone who wants to enjoy their stay in Prague, develop skills and benefit from sharing their experience with other people.


I incorporate the following topics into the tour:

  • Composition and picture dynamics
  • Camera set-up and understanding triangle ISO – aperture - shutter speed
  • Focusing
  • Shooting RAW and/or jpg
  • Benefits of using the filters


Today, the post-process of photography plays a significant role when trying to reach the best possible result. I can also include basic techniques and tips - no matter what editing software you use. I can demonstrate that with Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC.


Available Tours & Workshops, Pricing

Morning tour (4 hours):
Price per active photographer: 1.400,- CZK
Additional 900,- CZK for private tour


Evening tour (4 hours):
Price per active photographer: 1.400,- CZK
Additional 900,- CZK for private tour


Morning + Evening tour (4 hours + 4 hours):
Price per active photographer: 2.800,- CZK
Additional 1.800,- CZK for private tour


Extension by Post-processing lesson (1,5 hours)
Price per active photographer: 900,- CZK

Those individuals not taking pictures and accompanying active photographer are invited to join in on the fun for free.


Off the beaten track

Prague is not only known for its famous tourist highlights, but there are plenty of hidden places that are kept hidden and just waiting to be discovered and provide you with something extra. Let’s dive into this magic together. Each tour is structured based on your requirements and individual needs, and is organized as a private tour. This can also be alternative for those returning to Prague and wanting to experience something new. If you are interested, please contact me directly.


Tours & Workshops are primarily focused on Prague. But the Czech Republic has much more to offer (landscapes and scenery, history and architecture, national parks). If you are also interested in other destinations, I can prepare an itinerary that will focus on your individual interest. Don´t hesitate to contact me directly.

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