about me

About me

Martin Pavinger

I am a Czech photographer who has lived in Prague for more than 25 years. I know the city of Prague from all of its unique and beautiful perspectives and its development over the past few years. My passions are primarily travel photography, landscapes and architecture.

Travel photography is a complex discipline that combines a little bit of „everything“. Beginning with landscapes, travelling through architecture, street photography and ending up at wildlife and photography of people. During the past few years, I have taken various expeditions throughout the world and have continuously discovered the beauties of the Czech Republic, see Gallery for further inspiration.

My ambition is to share the nature of travel photography, the best techniques and ways of saving time for the preparation of all aspects and details needed for getting the best results. I can also provide you with insight into the rural culture, the history and the people when you experience your search for the true Prague. With this, you will leave Prague with pictures that others will envy!

I can also recommend other interesting places throughout the city that we will not have a chance to discover together, as well as other locations throughout the Czech Republic, if you plan to stay longer.

I can provide this from my long term experience of travelling, photography and the extensive knowledge of Prague and the Czech Republic.

I am fluent in English and am able to speak a little Spanish.

I have published articles in Olympus Passion Magazine.







Olympus Passion Photography Magazine – July 2020!



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