Photography level
Beginners to professionals



Easy to moderate (walking tour)



Maximum 4 clients (if a larger group is requested, please let me know and I will provide you with an individual offer)



Dates and times
Based on your needs. The starting times differ per season. My aim is to catch the beautiful sunrises and sunsets for the best photo conditions.



Meeting point
Individually, depending on the tour. I will provide you with this after the tour has been confirmed – in general, the centre of Prague.



English or Czech



Recommended gear
  • DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual set up
  • Lenses in range of 14 mm to 300 mm (full frame equivalent)
  • Tripod plus cable/remote release
  • Flash
  • Filters (ND, Polarization)
  • Charged and spare battery
  • Lens cleaner
Bring what you normally use. The equipment listed above is only a recommendation. The type of camera is not a priority. If you plan on using a simpler camera, we will focus more on the composition and will give you the maximum benefits from the equipment that you have.
I can provide you some of my gear for free.



Other staff
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing according to the season
  • Have something to drink and bring a small snack
  • Keep your back light



If the weather condition are unfavourable before the tour begins, you can:
  1. continue the tour as planned and I will do my best to keep your maximum comfort (providing umbrella and convenient locations selection), or
  2. re-schedule the tour - at no additional fee (availability permitting).
Normally, common rain does not prevent the tour, and we can benefit from it using reflections in composition.



Payment and cancellation policy
Payment on site prior the tour in cash.

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